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Business Class and Self-Employed Persons

Business Class and Self-Employed Persons

Self-Employed Persons

The Self-employed Persons program is designed for those people to come to Canada permanently, who have relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics, and they are willing and able to make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic activities in Canada. The applicant must possess relevant experience and be willing and capable to be self-employed in Canada. Their intended business must be able to generate enough revenues to support them and their dependents.

Business Class

Canada offers opportunities to successful business owners to establish businesses in Canada and make significant economic contributions to Canadian economy. Business and investor Immigration programs are governed by various federal and provincial investment programs. Each province has its own selection criteria and application evaluation system. Entrepreneurs may come to Canada to work on a work permit or as a permanent resident.

Usually business and investment immigration programs are governed by:

  • The amount of net worth and liquid funds requirement
  • The equity in the project
  • Experience and Ability of the entrepreneur to successfully run the business affairs.
  • Intention to reside and settle in Canada or in a specific province
  • Business plan to start or acquire a business
  • We will guide you in preparing applications, required documentation, and procedures at each stage of business or investor visa or self-employed person applications.